The Downey Financial Group Vision

At Downey Financial Group, our focus is to help you make smart decisions with your money. Good decisions lead to clients feeling great about their financial life, and worrying less. Many clients realize that the smartest decisions they make in life are the ones that are directly in line with achieving what is truly important to them: their long term goals. Many of Downey Financial Group’s Client’s comment: “Finally, I have a financial advisor that has taken the time to explore my goals in life, and the values they are based on… and then put custom planning together to achieve them.”

Clients come first at Downey Financial Group. As an independent financial services firm we are not obligated to any single product or company. Our professionals can draw upon an unlimited complement of investments and products for your needs. We care deeply that your goals are completely understood – and that a plan to achieve those goals is in place that makes sense.  Whether you are planning for a long term savings goal or how to live the worry free lifestyle you have worked so hard for, our representatives are here to make it happen.

Your money is meant to serve you – not the other way around.  You deserve to live the worry free lifestyle you have worked so hard for.


“Our goal is to help people worry less about money”

Ed Downey, President