Retirement Income Planning Workshop

Helping Your Money Last in Retirement

You’ve spent a lifetime accumulating money for your retirement. You’ve saved, invested, and taken advantage of workplace retirement plans. Now you have to make decisions about how to generate a steady income stream, and these decisions could have lasting repercussions.

Will your hard-earned money last a lifetime?

Which assets should you spend first?

What withdrawal decisions will work best?

What investment alternatives can produce income?

Where do you start?

The rules are different when you retire. You may need to adjust your asset allocation and consider different investment choices. You will need to make decisions on the best methods to withdraw funds from your savings, investments, and retirement plans. And you will want to help protect your income and assets from unforeseen events.

Fortunately, there are sound ways to help stretch your retirement income. That’s why we offer a special educational workshop: Retirement Income Planning.

At this workshop, you will receive a 20-page workbook on retirement income strategies. This full-color resource features information, exercises, and questions designed to help you make sound financial decisions. The workbook was prepared especially for my Retirement Income workshop, and it contains important information you will want to remember from the presentation.

The workshop is enhanced with colorful graphics highlighting the latest facts and figures, and you’ll find it to be a brief and easy-to-understand presentation. In only about an hour, we will address how sound financial strategies may provide the creative solutions you need to help stretch your retirement income. We will focus on strategies designed to help you:

  • Make the most of your retirement income streams
  • Tap into your retirement accumulations
  • Understand retirement plan distribution rules
  • Invest for stability, income, and growth potential
  • Make informed financial decisions to address your needs
  • Utilize financial vehicles that could last a lifetime
  • Protect your income and assets from the unexpected
  • Prepare for a more comfortable and rewarding retirement lifestyle