College Planning for Student and Parents

Concerned, even worried, about paying for college?

Students and parents, are you looking for answers regarding funding, deadlines, and applications? What about colleges, majors, and careers? The list just seems to go on and on and the confusion and concern seem to mount much too quickly! We have experienced firsthand how families struggle with paying for their kids college education without wrecking their own retirement, and how students feel overwhelmed by the process. Downey Financial Group is here to help.

Downey Financial Group offers today’s most comprehensive college planning resource program powered by College Funding Solutions, Inc. The eCollegePro (“ECP”) Family Suite is a value-based, economical college planning solution that is packed with essential guidance and procedures; all delivered in a direct, no-nonsense, easy-to-follow format. Proven, personalized, and comprehensive, ECP helps each family to easily understand the inner-workings of the process, devise a workable plan, and stay on track … all designed to help ensure the student receives the best education for the money. ECP has been built from over twenty years of hands-on experience and delivers answers from the family’s perspective, not a misinformed third party, or a biased source with a hidden agenda.

Devise a Plan and Stay on Track

Personalized service and family-specific answers delivered in real-time are at the heart of the ECP Family Suite Program. Students and families have unlimited access to web-based resources that have been customized specifically for them. The ECP Family Suite is loaded with vital behind-the-scenes procedures, insider secrets, must-know techniques, and a month-by-month timeline, all in one easy-to-use, convenient format, including:

  • Building the Student’s Resume: AP Classes – Guidance on Why and How; School & Community Activities; Summer Employment – More than a Job
  • Career Options: How Best to Talk with Those in the Field; 24 x 7 Online Career Readiness Platform; Job Shadowing – How It Works Best.
  • PSAT / SAT / ACT: Testing Dates & Registration Details; 24 x 7 Personalized Online Courses.
  • College Search & Selection: Student Specific Online Matching; College Fairs – What to Look For?; Powerful Admission Applications; Methods of Choosing the Best School.
  • Funding Procedures: 40-page Funding Strategy Report; CSS/Profile Line-by-Line Answer Sheet; FAFSA Line-by-Line Answer Sheet; Student Aid Report (SAR) Analysis; Award Letter Evals / Appeal Strategies
Exploring Financial Options – Personalized Advanced Consultation

College is essential, expensive, and probably most importantly – college is a business. Families that are most successful are often those who have been educated on all aspects of the process. The ECP Family Suite does just exactly that … leveling the playing field by helping the family concentrate their efforts on what matters most, making the best use of their time, and positioning themselves to succeed. In addition to exploring their all-important financial options; with ECP, families may also discuss more in-depth topics, such as:

  • Early Decision – Yes or No?
  • Impact of Private Sector Award.
  • Merit Aid vs. Need-Based Aid.
  • What is the EFC? / What are Our EFC Options?
  • Evaluating / Appealing Award Letters.
  • Pitfalls that Must be Avoided.
  • Why You Can’t Miss Crucial Deadlines.
  • Colleges’ Teaser Offers – What to Do?
  • Campus Visits – How to Set the Foundation.
  • Identifying Your Best Educational Values