Taboo Talk: Women, Money, and Power

What money silence is and how it impacts individuals. Why money silence tends to hurt women more. The ramifications that go along with not having equal say in the family’s financial decisions. READ MORE

What’s Your Legacy?

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Do I Really Need Life Insurance?

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Can You Afford NOT to Get Health Insurance?

Can You Afford NOT to Get Health Insurance?  Why it’s worth paying for something you may not ever use What might happen to your premiums if you remain uninsured Why you should call your financial professional and schedule an appointment NOW! Read More

Learn to Live a Stress-Free Life!

Learn to live a stress free life! Do you feel that you’re succeeding, or do you live each day just hoping to get by? Mark Pruss, Mentor and Coach to professional athletes, believes you have a choice. Join us as he shares the emotional and physical obstacles he overcame, the science behind his coaching philosophy, and how anyone can train …

The Ultimate Ukulele Charity: Ukulele Kids Club

Looking for a fun new charity to donate to? Look no further than the Ukulele Kids Club! Executive Chairman David Blake talks about how this fun little instrument can make a big impact on the lives of hospitalized children.   Read More

What Is Your Plan if Mom or Dad Needs Long-Term Care?

Your parents have been there for you your whole life, now it’s time to make sure you’re there for them. A long-term care plan can ensure your parents will be taken care of for the rest of their lives – it’s a critical piece of the financial puzzle you don’t want to miss. President and Founder of Care Right, Inc, …

Thankful for Thanksgiving

Turkey and stuffing and pie – oh my! During this time of year, between consuming copious amounts of food and fighting your way through the Black Friday madness, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting more. Find out how to stretch your pennies and enjoy the real meaning of the holiday season by listening to this episode featuring Author …

The Tax Train is Coming

The Tax Train is Coming The national debt continues to rise – what does this mean for our country’s future fiscal stability? Where are we headed? Why does it matter to you? This week’s episode features Author and Financial Professional David McKnight, who has traveled around the country for the last several years interviewing top economists about this very real …