Will You Outlast Your Home (or the Other Way Around)?

If you want to stay in your home as you age, it’s important to plan ahead. Physical Therapist, Rob Horkheimer, shares what you can do to ensure your home is safe enough to whether any mobility changes you or your loved ones may face in the future. Read More

Facing the Future – Are Your Costs Covered?

Let’s face it – aging is expensive whether you stay in home or go to a facility. Don’t let your care options be limited because of the costs! Listen to this episode with Long-Term Care Insurance Professional Don Quante, as he tells you why planning is key if you want to have options. READ MORE

Mythbusters: Disability Insurance Edition

MYTH: Disability Insurance is only useful if I get cancer or am involved in a big accident. FACT: Something as mundane as tripping down the stairs or throwing out your back could put you out of work for weeks, which, without Disability Insurance, means your steady stream of income is put to a halt. Don’t miss this episode with Insurance Professional, …

Are Your Kids Overspending?

How do you talk to your kids about the importance of money when they “need” the latest iPhone or just “have” to have the newest trend in clothes? Dr. John Whitcomb has the answer! This episode’s guest is an Author and Physician and is ready to give you his best trade secrets on how to convey the importance of planning …

Taboo Talk: Women, Money, and Power

What money silence is and how it impacts individuals. Why money silence tends to hurt women more. The ramifications that go along with not having equal say in the family’s financial decisions. READ MORE

What’s Your Legacy?

What’s Your Legacy? How life insurance provides dignity to the living; How planning can affect your legacy; Planning strategies you may want to consider Read More

Do I Really Need Life Insurance?

Do I Really Need Life Insurance? Why other consumers are buying – and loving – life insurance! How to prepare emotionally for a transition What being protected means to you! Read More

Can You Afford NOT to Get Health Insurance?

Can You Afford NOT to Get Health Insurance?  Why it’s worth paying for something you may not ever use What might happen to your premiums if you remain uninsured Why you should call your financial professional and schedule an appointment NOW! Read More

Learn to Live a Stress-Free Life!

Learn to live a stress free life! Do you feel that you’re succeeding, or do you live each day just hoping to get by? Mark Pruss, Mentor and Coach to professional athletes, believes you have a choice. Join us as he shares the emotional and physical obstacles he overcame, the science behind his coaching philosophy, and how anyone can train …