American College Foundation Visionary Scholarship

Downey Financial Group is serious about helping students and parents learn more about the college application process, as well as helping students get the most out of their college experience. Because of that we are excited to help promote the American College Foundation (ACF) Visionary Scholarship. Every year the ACF awards thousands of dollars in scholarship monies.

About the American College Foundation

The ACF Annual Visionary Scholarship Program offers multiple awards, with a top prize of $5,000. High school Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are US citizens or eligible non-citizens are invited to apply.  Financial need is NOT considered; all income levels may apply.

The ACF is an organization focused on educating students and parents on the college application process. Established exclusively with high school students and their parents in mind, the American College Foundation (ACF) provides vital process-driven details and procedures to help ensure the student receives the best college education at the most competitive price.

Preparing effectively, selecting the perfect college or university, and securing the funding necessary to make their attendance possible are the primary educational concerns faced by today’s high school students and their families. The process seems endless: career, major, degree options, colleges, scholarships, grants, funding, fellowships, tuition discounts, and federal loan programs.  Not to mention navigating the vital steps along the way; meeting all required college admission application and financial aid deadlines; and, most importantly, evaluating the awarded funding.

Tuition and related college expenses all continue to skyrocket; however, there is hope.  Actually a great deal of hope … with a good overall understanding of the process and a workable plan, you can be successful. To round out their academic and social environment, colleges look for a wide-range of active participants who challenge themselves and demonstrate a very strong desire to succeed.

For students and their families, effective high school preparation and an overall understanding of the process are the keys to success. The ACF, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, serves as your college preparation cornerstone; with all information and related strategies delivered entirely from the family’s perspective.

Through the ACF, families also have the opportunity to explore further, even more detailed, college planning solutions from leading companies; receive college planning-related email updates directly from the ACF; and keep apprised of the latest developments regarding college financing and admission details.

You can learn more about the ACF and the Visionary Scholarship here:

Please note the scholarship is offered on an invitation basis; please use Invitation Code when applying:  M11744